Welcome to Chartreux!

Chartreux is an experimental token utilising Polygon Technology on Quickswap.

Created by avid enthusiasts of the Matic Network, our thesis for releasing a price appreciating token such as this one has multiple intentions. For one, it will raise awareness to the Polygon ecosystem which maintains a lot of essential decentralisation aspects from Ethereum as well as being a gas-friendly alternative to Binance Smart Chain. For us it is a perfect middle-ground and hopefully for many newcomers they will experience that as well.

Our intention is for Chartreux to be the catalyst in the expansion of the Matic Network; whilst it currently hosts a lot of gaming dApps, it lacks in the DeFi sector and general adoption to the mainstream audience in crypto. Whereas most crypto-beginners tend to focus on BSC and ETH due to its user-friendliness, hopefully that sector can expand onto the Polygon ecosystem as well.

What better way to bring attention to the mainstream crypto audience as a new exploding-in-growth ecosystem than exploding price action? While Chartreux does have ponzi-like tokenomics, causing enrichment to earlier investors, it is also in our view, the best form of advertising as the continuous growth of individuals wanting a piece of the pie will result in more individuals familiarising themselves with both Quickswap and the Polygon ecosystem.

Token Distribution:

15% Team

20% Pre-sale investors (carefully vetted to ensure they have the same interests as the team)

65% Added to liquidity on MATIC-CHTR LP

http://www.chartreux.io — Experimental token utilising Polygon Technology on Quickswap